Can't do a speed test, site not found!

Hi, I have setup my sub-domain, but when I do a speed test I am getting a result saying domain nonexistent. But the site is still loading. I have check all I think I can and it all seems to be in order. Can anyone please give me an answers, please!?

I also had image from Pingdom but as a new user I can only post 1 photo :frowning:

I can’t resolve that host either. Are you sure you added the record in Cloudflare’s Dashboard?

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Thanks for a quick reply, You are meaning in the DNS? This is what I have

You are saying that points to, but does have any record?

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Ok, I am not sure what you mean, where do I look for that? I had just followed the setup steps and don’t remember this step

That is the basic of DNS. Where does that subdomain should live?

Also I expect isn’t what you want to be accessed by the public?


What I am seeing is that you should probably:

  1. Change the name from subdomain to h2o
  2. Change the value to, or change it to an A record pointing to your site’s IP.

This should be the usual setup, may not be in this case.

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I agree, but given the subdomain the OP was trying a speed test on, and that it has no DNS records, I think it is probably the case here :slightly_smiling_face:

1 Like seems to work for me now and had DNS records :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Huge thanks to both, I changed ‘subdomain’ to ‘h2o’ and shortened to just the domain name and it is now working. Also thanks for the info on DNS.
Unfortunately, my speed test has come make much worst than it was before! I guess I will spend more time learning about this, haha


Glad that worked :slightly_smiling_face: Just to let you know, there look to be a few mixed content issues on that subdomain. Please see this post for some helpful tips


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