Can't do 301 Redirect Properly using Page Rules, Please Help

I am trying to do a 301 redirect using Cloudflare but can’t figure out exactly how to do it.

I have two domains: domain(.)com & domain(.)co. I am trying to do domain(.)com > 301 redirects > domain(.)co. [not only homepage but all subpages to subpages as well]

However because domain(.)com don’t have any live site, i don’t have any DNS settings, but i read somewhere that until we have some DNS Cloudflare page rules won’t work, so i entered domain(.)co’s DNS settings on domain(.)com.

(I would like to know if we can just use any fake DNS if what we are trying to do is just a 301 redirect of a domains using Cloudflare.)

And then i did a page rule on domain(.)com, but now every URL of domain(.)com is redirecting to homepage of domain(.)co.

I want every page of domain(.)com to redirect to page of domain(.)co as well.

Like::: domain(.)com/page1 > 301 redirect > domain(.)co/page1

Please share what page rule code i need to set for this.

Thank You.

There’s a tutorial for this:

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