Can't designate your DNS server


Can’t designate your DNS server for vip top domain, can register to and for vip top domain,thx



Thanks for reaching out. This isn’t super clear as to what the issue is, but it sounds like you are having trouble applying our nameservers to activate your domain. Usually these issues are specific to your registrar, but if you could provide some additional insight into what is failing (maybe working with your registrar) then we may be able to determine what’s wrong here.


Because we designate to your nameserver on the, it catn’t designate your DNS server,Than domain register say is not register at the vip domain register on the and,please help me


Are you saying that .vip does not let you set your own name servers?

Does belong to you?


it designate to your nameserver can to appear error,
we domain register say is not register at vip top domain on your for dns server , Please register your DNS server to vip domain register.thx

#7 and are not configured to host DNS for

If you are trying to use Cloudflare for, your domain is not configured to use Cloudflare:

Name Server:
Name Server:


We can’t designate to two nameserver,because it cat appear error
,we domain register say is not register at vip top domain in your nameserver


we domain register say to like
“This group of DNS is not registered in the .vip domain name registry, so it can not be used.
Please contact the DNS service provider for processing”


I suggest you open a Support Ticket here to find out if Cloudflare needs to do something so .vip can designate Cloudflare as a recognized DNS provider.

In my opinion, this shouldn’t happen, as there are many reasons users would need to use other DNS services not registered with .vip