Can't deploy nextJS to cf pages (stuck)

I’m trying to deploy this portunus-dev/portunus-ui ( on the cf pages and I even followed all the steps mentioned here: Deploy a Next.js site · Cloudflare Pages docs

But I’m getting the following error:

2023-07-13T00:18:32.073916Z	Cloning repository...
2023-07-13T00:18:32.976248Z	From
2023-07-13T00:18:32.976938Z	 * branch            4a4ecefad9d248a0d8f73911014e0b4fcc636cf8 -> FETCH_HEAD
2023-07-13T00:18:33.043329Z	HEAD is now at 4a4ecef added
2023-07-13T00:18:33.199373Z	Success: Finished cloning repository files
2023-07-13T00:18:33.911238Z	Detected the following tools from environment: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
2023-07-13T00:18:33.911987Z	Installing nodejs 16.20.1
2023-07-13T00:18:35.117572Z	Trying to update node-build... ok
2023-07-13T00:18:35.398364Z	Downloading node-v16.20.1-linux-x64.tar.gz...
2023-07-13T00:18:35.398707Z	->
2023-07-13T00:18:36.7985Z	WARNING: node-v16.20.1-linux-x64 is in LTS Maintenance mode and nearing its end of life.
2023-07-13T00:18:36.798679Z	It only receives *critical* security updates, *critical* bug fixes and documentation updates.
2023-07-13T00:18:36.798969Z	Installing node-v16.20.1-linux-x64...
2023-07-13T00:18:37.643568Z	Installed node-v16.20.1-linux-x64 to /opt/buildhome/.asdf/installs/nodejs/16.20.1
2023-07-13T00:18:39.539203Z	Preparing [email protected] for immediate activation...
2023-07-13T00:18:40.355202Z	Installing project dependencies: yarn
2023-07-13T00:18:41.095497Z	➤ YN0070: Migrating from Yarn 1; automatically enabling the compatibility node-modules linker 👍
2023-07-13T00:18:41.232394Z	➤ YN0000: ┌ Resolution step
2023-07-13T00:18:43.066675Z	➤ YN0032: │ fsevents@npm:2.3.2: Implicit dependencies on node-gyp are discouraged
2023-07-13T00:18:44.8677Z	➤ YN0061: │ core-js-pure@npm:3.21.1 is deprecated: core-js-pure@<3.23.3 is no longer maintained and not recommended for usage due to the number of issues. Because of the V8 engine whims, feature detection in old core-js versions could cause a slowdown up to 100x even if nothing is polyfilled. Some versions have web compatibility issues. Please, upgrade your dependencies to the actual version of core-js-pure.
2023-07-13T00:18:52.426639Z	➤ YN0002: │ nextjs-with-styled-components-typescript@workspace:. doesn't provide vercel (pe5cde), requested by @cloudflare/next-on-pages
2023-07-13T00:18:52.427147Z	➤ YN0002: │ nextjs-with-styled-components-typescript@workspace:. doesn't provide wrangler (p05bc4), requested by @cloudflare/next-on-pages
2023-07-13T00:18:52.427465Z	➤ YN0000: │ Some peer dependencies are incorrectly met; run yarn explain peer-requirements <hash> for details, where <hash> is the six-letter p-prefixed code
2023-07-13T00:18:52.432594Z	➤ YN0000: └ Completed in 11s 200ms
2023-07-13T00:18:52.478911Z	➤ YN0000: ┌ Post-resolution validation
2023-07-13T00:18:52.479291Z	➤ YN0028: │ The lockfile would have been modified by this install, which is explicitly forbidden.
2023-07-13T00:18:52.479504Z	➤ YN0000: └ Completed
2023-07-13T00:18:52.479714Z	➤ YN0000: Failed with errors in 11s 249ms
2023-07-13T00:18:52.570148Z	Error: Exit with error code: 1
2023-07-13T00:18:52.57075Z	    at ChildProcess.<anonymous> (/snapshot/dist/run-build.js)
2023-07-13T00:18:52.571092Z	    at Object.onceWrapper (node:events:652:26)
2023-07-13T00:18:52.571278Z	    at ChildProcess.emit (node:events:537:28)
2023-07-13T00:18:52.571462Z	    at ChildProcess._handle.onexit (node:internal/child_process:291:12)
2023-07-13T00:18:52.581407Z	Failed: build command exited with code: 1
2023-07-13T00:18:53.436253Z	Failed: error occurred while running build command

Any help is appreciated.

Looks like you’re using Yarn 1 and Yarn 3 isn’t liking it. Can you try adding a YARN_VERSION environment variable with the value 1

Oh thanks for pointing that out, don’t know how I missed that little detail.

Also, I was able to pass that error but now a ton of warnings, are they of any major concern?
ref: cf pages logs for nextjs project (

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