Can't delete tunnel public hostname, "Delete **?"

I’m just getting started with tunnels, so I’m going to be creating and deleting things a lot. However, when I try to remove a public hostname from a tunnel, I get a dialog that asks if I want to delete “**”, and no matter what I do the entry will not actually get deleted, even though it puts up a green ‘success’ box…

This happens in Firefox and Chrome on Linux, and Chrome on Windows, so it’s not a client-side issue.

The only fix so far is to delete the entire tunnel, which is acceptable while I’m still screwing around, but won’t be an option when I start legitimately using this.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


Something is seriously bugged. I ran into this problem and then realized I couldn’t edit any of the settings on the entries either. Only found this out after reinstalling cloudflared like 5 times.

same with my account

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Same here- commenting for visibility

+1, something is fubar.

Appears to be delete or edit… Can create new entries thou.

Same here

Yeap, happening to me as well.
Editing also spits out an error

Same here, hostname can be added, but unable to delete or edit.

Ditto. I can create and delete new hostnames, but anything that was already in place before 9/13 is stuck in an uneditable, undeletable state.

Correction: I can create new hostnames. Guess I can’t delete them. Fun.

New hostnames won’t resolve correctly… at least for me
and I also have the same issue with being unable to remove public hostnames

It’s a frontend bug, I just edited the request manually and send again, it works.

Same issue here. Watching.

Exactly the same issue here. Obviously there is an issue with something on the back end, but not sure how to report it as I don’t have a Business account.

I guess we just need to be patient.

Same here

I have just had success. Looks like it’s fixed now.