Can't delete rule


My dashboard has a list under Configurations/Lists that I can’t delete because it states that a rule is used in a filter expression and can’t be deleted.

I was using this rule on three domains and I have removed them from two of my domains. The problem is that the third domain was not extended and it was removed from Cloudflare.
Could this be the reason I can’t delete the list? And how do I remove it now?


Basically same problem as:

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I’ve escalated this to see if there is any update on the issue.


Any updates about this? I still can’t create any lists.

Unfortunately not, it’s still in the community escalations to be reviewed.

Usually a member of the support team will reply on the thread here when there is any news.

Hi @blaz.pivk, sorry about the inconvenience here.

Just wanted to update this topic to let you know the right teams are aware of this issue. I will let you know when a fix is released.

A workaround you can use in the meantime is to delete the entries in the old list and reuse the list but with a new set of details. I understand this isn’t ideal but it’s all we have at the moment, sorry!

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I can’t. That’s the problem. The list is being used on a domain that I no longer own and was removed from Cloudflare. The list remains there and I can’t remove or do anything. I have two domains and those had their lists removed.

You can connect to my account and check if you wish.

Check my reply

Hi, sorry about this.

You should be able to edit it still, let me know if not.
To clarify this going forward, can you let me know which type of list this is (IP, redirect, etc.) and can you show a screenshot of the problem you’re having?

Ok I’ll show you…

I had three domains (note one is missing now):

Do note that the third one ( was removed but still uses the list so I can’t edit it as I can’t select something that doesn’t exist (see the first screenshot and note the missing domain).

That’s the whole problem. The domain doesn’t get renewed and the page autoremoves the domain from your account. All the info stays and ties to your original account. Recreating the domain gets you a different id so even if you purchase the domain the old settings still tie to your old domain id.

This is the lists page:

So you can’t delete the list but you should be able to edit it, remove the current entries and re-use the list for something else. That’s what the provided workaround is, unfortunately at the moment you can’t delete it.

And here is the expresisons page for the two domains (both have the same lack of anything on it):

As said I had three lists that were using it and now that both have removed I’m left with the one I can’t due to the domain being gone from my account but the settings for it persist in my database.

You’re free to connect to it and check if you wish.

The list is empty but it can’t be populated as the crowdsec list wants to create a new one.

Just to confirm, you can click edit and manually add entries to the existing list, right?

Are you trying to use some automated tool to manage the lists and that’s trying to create a new one and failing?

Of course. I’m using crowdsec and listing 100.000 IPs manually is not my idea of fun.
docs.crowdsec. net/docs/bouncers/Cloudflare

Right, unfortunately the only workaround right now is to reuse the existing list, if the tool you are using is unable to do that then I don’t think you will have any luck I’m afraid.

I had this exact problem pertaining to the Lists not deleting and solved it here.


I should also specify, that even though you, blaz.pivk, do not have the domain anymore (therefore no zone id for it), hopefully you still have a backup of that crowdsec/bouncer yaml when you set it up on that domain, as it will still have the generated Zone ID in there for you to use in the solution linked above.