Can't delete old Pages Project

An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support: (Code: 8000000)

I am unable to delete three old pages projects and don’t have anything connected to them, no domains or any github integration. Is there a way to get this this fixed?

How many deployments do they have? There’s a known issue deleting projects with lots of deployments and a workaround is described here

All of them have less than 10 deployments, they also wouldn’t let me roll back to an old version, that also threw an error. These are all using next-on-pages that are a few months old, I don’t have this issue with any new projects.

Thanks, I’ve escalated the topic so someone should look during working hours.


One of them has an R2 binding that is not removable from the dashboard, for a bucket that I deleted months ago. All the others have no environment variables or bindings, and even after that, they are still unable to be removed. I deleted any additional deployments and replaced each with a blank HTML file just in case it was old bindings that were holding on, but I still had no success in deleting these projects.

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