Can't delete old DNS

We need to delete some old DNS records (from previous version of website) as part of a security review. Our website is with Webcentral but they say our DNS options to Cloudflare. We have never had an account with Cloudflare. We have signed up for an account and tried to ask them about our website but it is not linked to our account. They say that we need to sign up for a pro plan just to ask via chat. Wny advice?

Hi @neil.doyle

You need to have access to that domain’s registrar, so you can re-add or move the domain to manage the DNS records - if you are not able to recover the previous Cloudflare account:

I also recommend you to check with your Registrar if that DNS records are configured there!

Take care!

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It sounds like you do not have access to the account that holds your domain. Can you share that name here and we can investigate? This has come up here frequently and you may do better to add the domain to the account you are using here (sounds like you’ve done that) and change the nameservers at your domain registrar.

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Hi ‘Cloonan’ - thanks for your reply and support.

Our domain is '' The agency who designed the previous iteration of our website I believe set up the Cloudflare account. Their IT team have moved on and are proving difficult to locate. So do we need to set up a Pro account at Cloudflare or just a regular (free)one? We already have a regular one but our domain is not linked to it. How would we get our domain onto our account? Thanks

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Hi AlphaK,
Thanks for your reply

As per my reply to Cloonan, we are struggling to get access to our Cloudflare login as it was all set up by an agency back in 2015. So you are suggesting that we set up a Cloudflare account (which we have) and then register Deltamv to it right?

A key concern is that will all these changes impact our email system? We are a service company and email continuity is critical for us.


Can you establish contact with them in order to obtain the credentials?

I always suggest free to start and add more/grow into what you need over time.

Change the nameservers at your registrar to the two in the account you are using here.

ATM, they are

They should be what is shown at the bottom left of this page

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Thanks for this. It seems like that we won’t be able to get back in touch with the agency who set it all up back in 2015 as their IT team have left.

So we need to set up the DNS as

Right? Our domain registrar is and we have access to this. Aside from change the name servers is there anything else we need to do?

Would this impact our Microsoft365 e-mail?

The process of moving to a new account can be easy or complex, it depends upon how many records you need to recreate and configuration settings you need to remake. Email is definitely a critical one to get right. There is an email troubleshooting Tutorial that is really helpful. I’d review that first to make sure you have all the configuration details handy before you start making changes. Post along the way and let us know how it’s going.

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