Can't delete expired domain

I want to delete expired domain from my account, but delete button is not available. There are no records present in DNS section.
The domain has expired on Feb 18, 2024

Hi @mbarczewsky if you go the domain overview page, and select the zone, in the lower right corner under Advance Actions, select Remove from Cloudflare

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I’ve already tried deleting the zone but I got an error like this.

What is happening here is the domain does not get deleted immediately after expiring.
The way our domain lifecycle works is the domain isn’t actually deleted for 45 days at which point it enters a redemption period for 30 days. This means it can take up to 75 days for the registrar domain to be removed from your account.

Unfortunately support is not able to speed up this process, so you will need to wait for the domain to be fully removed.


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