Can't delete account

Hi, I want to delete my account but I keep getting an error to remove my domains first. I try to remove them I’m told they need to have different nameservers. I try to change the nameservers but apparently, I need a business plan. I contact support but apparently, I need an upgraded plan.

This is an awful run to run a domain site. I have never had this much of an issue getting rid of my domains or closing an account before. How can I get rid of my domains?

You shouldn’t need to change nameservers at all (also, only custom nameservers requires Business - changing is done at the registrar)

You should just be able to remove them all by clicking the “Remove site from Cloudflare” button on the right hand side of your zone:

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When I try to remove:

“The zone cannot be deleted as the domain is currently registered through Cloudflare’s registrar. If you wish to delete the domain registration please contact support for assistance.”

If you wish to remove a domain registered with Cloudflare, you’ll need to transfer it away from Cloudflare

Once you’ve done this, you can change the name servers to whatever you want.

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In other words, to delete my Cloudflare account I need to spend more money. This company is garbage.

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Perhaps you didn’t fully comprehend what you were doing before you did it, and by reading the available documentation and other relevant information sources you may well have done so.

You are responsible for your own actions.

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Compared to the superior domain providers which allow you to just release your domains.

And yes, because most customers read the entire user service agreement.

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Cloudflare isn’t the only service that offers domain registration that requires you transfer the domain out if needing/wanting to change name servers etc.

So don’t make out Cloudflare is the baddie here.

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Out of all the domain providers I’ve used this is the only one that has such a convoluted method for deleting your account/data. Google domains, namecheap, godaddy, bluehost, dreamhost, etc. etc. They have all allowed domain release and account deletion with no additional weird requirements. This makes it an inferior service.

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If you wish to have your domain and account instantly deleted, this will require a ticket to Trust & Safety. If you want it all gone ASAP, please log into your dashboard, go to Support, and create a ticket with the details.

You can reply here with the ticket number and I’ll make sure all the information gets to Trust & Safety so they can perform the request.


But why this is needed, why you stop people to just remove the unwanted domains from their accounts!? This is stupid!!!

Probably because of the number of people who delete their registrar domain and then try to recover them again afterwards.


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