Can't delete account because Cloudflare says I still have domains which I do not

Hi all, I am trying to delete my Cloudflare account but cannot because Cloudflare is saying I still have domains in my account which I don’t. I transferred all my domains to Google but for some reason one of the domains is still showing in my account blocking me from deleting my account. Any idea folks? Please help, this is baffling me. Cheers

That is odd, do you have any domains still active on Cloudflare registrar? I am going to escalate this post for my Registrar colleagues to review and assist. Sorry for the issues.

Hi, Mate I transferred this domain to google domains months ago… but for some reason it’s still in Cloudflare’s domain management. When I try to click on manage this domain it shows a 404 error. This is the whole problem. I can’t delete my account because for some reason this hung domain is in my account. I opened a Cloudflare support ticket and someone marked it as resolved when they hadn’t done nothing to resolve it… This is so frustrating mate. I don’t know what to do.

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This lady said she fixed the problem but didn’t do anything. When told she didn’t fix anything she cnext claims that she can edit my account… Please don’t refer me to her

I have very simple problem that can only be fixed by Cloudflare itself. This is my third attempt to ask for help (please don’t refer me to Cloudflare staff that just close the ticket to avoid actually helping fix the problem).

I want to close my account. Cloudflare will not let me close my account because they claim I have a domain in my account (which I don’t)

I transferred this domain to Google Domains ages ago but for some reason it’s still showing up in my Cloudflare domain management.

I can’t click to manage the domain because it replies with a 404 error.

How can I remove this domain if I can’t even manage it (404 error)

Yes, I see that and not sure exactly why that is the case, but my Registrar colleagues will be able to assist. And, I see they replied earlier on 2622797 which is pending in their queue waiting for feedback from the engineering team.

Sorry for the issues you’re facing. I have added myself to the ticket and will keep an eye out for progress.

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Thanks Cloonan. You’re the only one that seems to want to help. Much appreciated

I can see the raised ticket is solved, and my colleague confirmed the issue was resolved.

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