Can't delete a deployment because its still active

I was trying to create a maintenance mode page based on some instructions I found online. I copied the code to my github repository and then importing it into cloudflare but I’m not totally sure what I’m doing and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. So, I just wanted to delete it all.

However, when I go to workers overview, there is a worker, i click view details and it shows deployment details box and build log box underneath. There is button for manage deployment that has a greyed out delete deployment button. When I try to delete deployment it says “this deployment cannot be deleted because it is currently your active production deployment.”

I’m not sure how to deactivate so I can delete it. Any help?

Were you able to resolve this @christianlockesource?

Nobody has offered a reply so no I haven’t been able to resovle it. I don’t think it’s affecting my site, but I would like to remove it somehow if possibe.