Can't customize page block message in Cloudflare Teams settings


Can’t customize page block message in CloudFlare Teams settings.

After entering the information, the save button is not active.

How can I edit this?

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Something is definitely broken. It thinks you haven’t filled out those two fields. It happens to me, too, and I can’t find a workaround.

Please open a ticket.

p.s. Are you able to customize the login screen? I customized mine a while back with no issue and it does not seem to have the same problem.

Hi, yes I can customize the login screen. But I was not able to customize the page blocking message. I cannot create a support request because it is a free account. Unfortunately, I am unable to reach out and report this to the CloudFlare team.

I’ve opened a ticket and should hear back soon. I’ll update here.

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Thank you. I’m waiting for news from you.

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It looks like our friend @tobi was able to reproduce this and forward it to the devs to fix.



Any progress on the subject? I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible.


It’s Sunday. Please be patient.

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I would expect some traction on this in the coming week. We appreciate your patience.


Thanks. The problem seems fixed. However, when you add a logo, its dimensions automatically become 146x146. It is incompatible with most logos. Can you forward this to your relevant team?

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I suspect they designed the layout for a square logo for consistency. I always make sure to use a transparent PNG that’s square, regardless of the layout of the logo.

Just checked with our engineers and this should now be resolved. I was able to create a custom page block in my test account. Can you go ahead and check this on your end @mustafasevinc16 Seems to be working for @sdayman as well.

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