Can't Create Any More Applications

Hi Folks,

I’ve used the Application function in, Zero Trust, a few times now to help add more security to not very secure web applications I use and it has worked great. But now, every time I start a new application and enter the domain info, it says Warning: No DNS record found for this domain. The policy may not execute as expected.
But there is a record because there has to be for the web app to be accessible at all and because I can see the record…
Any ideas why the wizard is generating the error? If I ignore and move forward, it lets me create the Application but the Cloudflare login page doesn’t come up before my web app.
Thanks for any help!

If there is actually a record then you should be able to ignore it, so that behaviour is odd.

Are you able to share the configuration for the access application?

Hi, I will also say that the DNS records are created when I set up the tunnel for the self-hosted web app I have running. I don’t normally create DNS records separately for my web applications, now that you have the Tunnels feature.
How do I share this information? Screen shots seems a bit clumsy and I’m not sure I should advertise the URLs I’m trying to secure. How would you like to do this?

This is solved! Issue was all my doing. I was opening the web apps on the same system and not realizing that they were sharing the first authentication that occurred. DUH!!!

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