Can't contact IPv6 only server through domain

Hi everyone,
I’m really confused, hopefully someone of you can give further advice:

I can’t contact my IPv6 only server by entering my domain name but I can contact my server without issues by entering the IPv6 address through https request on port 443. I’ve set Cloudflare Proxy Status to ‘DNS only’ mode and entered a AAAA record for mentioned IP address. But now I get no response by entering my domain name, while entering the set IP address direct in my browser is working perfectly fine.
When checking the domain through https://dnschecker . org, I get the correct IPv6 address. When I try to ping my domain I get no response, while pinging my IPv6 adress is responding just fine.

I don’t understand why ‘DNS only’ mode won’t just relay to my AAAA record, while the server responds through the IP address as expected.

It should. What’s the domain?

Ok, I found my mistake. While I was setting up the domain, I’ve been in the servers network and I forgot to deactivate DNS-Rebind-Protection for the time beeing. So for anyone who is just as stupid as I am, check this also.