Can't connect to VPN when using Cloudflare DNS

I switched to Cloudflare DNS hosting for one of my domain names, but after doing so found that connecting to my VPN subdomain no longer works.

To clarify, this is on the free tier, and all Cloudflare services have been paused on the domain name. I have an A record for the VPN subdomain, which is also set to DNS only. In fact, all the A/CNAME entries are set to DNS only. Name servers have been set on the domain name to point to Cloudflare.

The subdomain hostname resolves to the proper IP address, but actually connecting using my VPN client (SonicWall GVC) times out with a “host not responding” message. The VPN itself is a standard IPSec with no SSL. This was never an issue with the previous DNS host.

Any insight or help would be appreciated. I can’t see why this would be happening unless Cloudflare blocks certain connections on the free tier. Even then, I’m confused as to how it’s happening given that the VPN hostname resolves to the VPN server’s IP address.

Thank you!

Please make sure the record is gray clouded. We don’t proxy VPN traffic, just http/s.

If it’s resolving to the true origin IP there’s nothing that we’d be doing that would prevent connection as it would be going direct to the origin.

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