Can't connect to the created tunnel with the latest cloudflared docker image

I installed and run a connector of cloudflare tunnel with docker, and I ran the docker command provided of the tunnel like this:

docker run cloudflare/cloudflared:latest tunnel --no-autoupdate run --token ${token}

But it fails to run and returns the following result:

Incorrect Usage: flag provided but not defined: -token

   cloudflared tunnel run - Proxy a local web server by running the given tunnel

   cloudflared tunnel run [command options] TUNNEL-ID

   --force, -f  By default, if a tunnel is currently being run from a cloudflared, you can't simultaneously rerun it again from a second cloudflared. The --force flag lets you overwrite the previous tunnel. If you want to use a single hostname with multiple tunnels, you can do so with Cloudflare's Load Balancer product. (default: false)
   --help, -h   show help (default: false)
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I got exactly the same error :sob: did you somehow solved this?