Can't connect to SSH through my domain as subdomain

Hello there,
I used to setup an SSH VPN server and I could connect to my VPN server perfectly
But recently I changed my IP address to another IP address in cloudflare
But the thing is after over 24 hours I’m still not able to connect to my SSH server using my domain
But IP works
And I’m sure that everything is setup correctly
And I even got an IP lookup on my domain and It shows that the IP address is pointed to my domain
but I don’t know why I’m still not able to connect to my SSH server using domain and sub domain only

Please help me I have no idea what I should do because I’ve done everything correctly

Make sure you are connecting to your IP address and not a hostname, especially not a proxied one.

Well the thing is I’m using the napsternet app on android to connect to my SSH VPN server
And I was always using a subdomain instead of IP but I’m unable to connect after changing IP of my domain on Cloudflare

What’s unclear about my previous statement?

Sometimes DNS caches really hard so even if Cloudflare is broadcasting the proper new IP, the client or even some resolvers are stubborn and keep reporting the old IP. This is a good feature. It’s done to reduce the slow recursive queries from going through the root, tld, registrar, and DNS authorities every time. Cloudflare can’t do anything to fix this.

To get around this, keep telling the client to use the raw IP while you wait for DNS propagation to complete, as sandro says. Just pray that your DNS resolvers will honor the TTL!

Or if you’re really impatient but you really want to use the Host word, then reboot the client machine and reboot any DNS resolver you use, or just change the client machine to use any other resolver that doesn’t have broken cache. Then it will surely work immediately.

Also, you obviously need to disable PROXY setting on the subdomain if you intend to use it with VPN or SSH or ANY other protocol besides HTTP or HTTPS, as sandro implied.

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