Can't connect to ports on my host to collect email via IMAP, POP, etc

A points to
But, when I do a DNS lookup, I get:
So, when I try to make an IMAP (SSL) connection to d-a-v-e[dot]org (or even to, I get this:
Login failed for [email protected][dot]org from Could not connect to ssl:// Unknown reason.
The same happens for POP3. However, I can “telnet 143” and get a non-encrypted IMAP connection. Any ideas how to fix this?

This is correct. Cloudflare is a proxy and therfore hiding your oring IP. But basically they only proxy HTTP/HTPPS. Email and other protocols are not supported.

Create a new A record ‘mail’, point it to your mail server and set it from :orange: to :grey:
This will disable the proxy features and you can connect to your mail server via this subdomain.

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