Can't connect to my server when using Cloudflare Proxy on my DNS records

Hi y’all!

I’ve been trying to use Cloudflare proxy with some of my web servers to host with a couple of friends, but I keep on encountering a problem, where if I enable the proxied status on my DNS Records in which the server is being hosted, it will not connect until I turn this off.

For reference, I am running most of my web servers through nginx-proxy-manager, but even when use a direct connection into the root A Record of my domain, it will not work. My server is running on port 443.

So far, I’ve tried:

  • Using a direct port forward to my server
  • using Full (Strict) encryption in the Cloudflare dashboard for my domain
  • Changing my DNS servers on my router (from my ISP, to google, then to Cloudflare.)
  • Disabling SSL only
  • Disabling encryption entirely (last ditch effort)

Nothing I can think of has been able to let anything through with the Cloudflare proxy. I’m not sure if this is an ISP thing, but if it helps at all, my ISP is Optimum.

Hi mewtek, this seems like the origin server is rejecting the connection or not establishing it properly.

  1. Have you whilisted Cloudflare IPs on the origin server?
  2. Do you have remoteip installed on the webserver or mod_cloudflare so that the server can properly identify the connecting IP address?
  3. Have you set a SSL certificate on the origin server ?

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