Can't connect to my domain

Ok, if you want me, to be honest, I have no idea how to deal with domains. But I’m having a problem. I recently purchased a domain from GoDaddy for a Minecraft Network. I followed a tutorial and it told me to connect the domain to Cloudflare, which I did. But, I still can’t connect to my domain. I’ve waited 48 hours as I was told it could take up to 48 hours for the domain to successfully transfer to Cloudflare. If someone could please help me it’d be super helpful.

What’s the domain? And do you have a link to the tutorial you followed?

What subdomain did you use for Minecraft? It looks like you need a A record for that “random” subdomain, and then you will need Minecraft to connect to

I have this: Screenshot by Lightshot

That “A” record should be ‘random’ with your host’s IP address

The SRV record should look like:

I think this will let Minecraft users connect to and the SRV record will point them to on the port you specified.

When adding that SRV Record, I get this error: Screenshot by Lightshot

Sorry, the “Service Name” should just be _minecraft (I didn’t fully test it out before)

It worked, thanks a lot!

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