Can't connect to my domain on my network, accessing from mobile works fine - ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Very strange problem. I can’t access my domain or its subdomains on my local network. This started out of the blue today while working on our mobile application (when I switched off wifi it resolved, showing the issue was related somehow to my network).

My domain is and my app connects to I can’t connect to either which tells me its a network / dns issue not a server issue. I get the error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED and the page doesn’t even attempt to load.

  • I have startlink in bypass mode and a TP Link router which uses and for dns. DHCP clients also receive these DNS.
  • I manually set my macbooks dns to, Same issue.
  • My domain is configured properly on namecheap and DNSSEC is turned off. Nameservers point to the cloudflare ones.
  • Not banned on cloudflares firewall as far as I can tell

I ran this tool and half of the lookups fail so something is definitely wrong here:

I am pulling my hair out over this, what else can I check?

Well, it’s not. See here. Turn it off to fix the issue.

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Thank you!

On Namecheap I see this:

Sorry, DNSSEC is not available on this domain because this particular TLD (domain extension) does not support DNSSEC at the registry level. [Learn More

I’ve contacted their support to see if they can adjust this record for me. Is there anything else I can do or is this in their hands?

You may pause Cloudflare for the specified domain until the issue has been fixed and then continue onboarding. More info here:

Pausing cloudflare doesn’t fix the issue. I have reached out to Namecheap, they are investigating. Thank you for the help

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