Can't Connect to FTP

So i’m having problems connecting to FTP and 000webhost File Manager. . I have to use a dang VPN in order to do so. . . But my friend in Canada, he helps me with my website, and he can connect just dang fine without a VPN (yes he has access to my account. . I trust him with my life). . Can anyone please help?

May I ask you to reframe your issue with Cloudflare here?

Furthermore, you cannot use proxied :orange: hostname to connect and access your FTP. By default, Cloudflare proxy works only with web traffic.
Nevertheless, there is a way by using Cloudflare Spectrum service, which requires higher paid plan and costs.

If so, kindly unproxy the hostname (DNS record) and make sure it’s set to :grey: cloud.

Otherwise, connect with your FTP software directly to the IP address of your origin host/server.

Helpful post:

I just went ahead and bought a hosting plan with Hostinger. I don’t have FTP Problems there.