Can't connect to Fasthosts

I’m testing upgrading my shared server environment at Fasthosts, to use independent DNS hosting, web hosting and email hosting.
To begin with I ordered a new domain with Cloudflare, then set up a hosting environment at Fasthosts - Cloudflare subsequently retrieved the settings at Fasthosts - but I can’t get anything to connect - and I can’t use FTP. Has anyone had experience of connecting to Fashosts using Cloudflare?

Are the DNS records for the FTP host :norange: Proxied by any chance? You will need to change them to :ngrey: DNS-only before you can access FTP services on them, as Cloudflare’s basic service only proxies HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Yes, they are proxied, I will make a change and switch it off - will I have to switch it back on after I’ve accessed FTP?
Thanks for your prompt response.

If it’s the same domain as your website is accessed on and you want the benefits of it being proxied then yes - or you can make a new subdomain (For example which you can point to the same IP and use for connecting to FTP.

Essentially when a record is proxied you get the benefits of Cloudflare’s CDN (Security, performance, etc.), but you can no longer use other protocols through that domain while that it is the case. Using the IP directly or making a separate DNS-only subdomain is a good workaround.

So, if I switch off proxying, I can access ftp, when I switch proxying back on, the website/web host becomes unavailable and I can’t view the website - I get this error in the Chrome browser ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS - same in Safari. It’s like Cloudflare isn’t working with the web hosting company ‘Fasthosts’.

If you follow the link on the error message in your reply, it will take you to a Community #tutorial with steps you can take to fix it.

Thank you, I’ll take a look👍🏻

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