Cant connect to any cloudflare run website

Hello, in the last couple of months i encountered an issue which causes my inability to connect to almost any of the cloudflare run websites and i also get the captcha verification every time i visit any of those that do work. I cant figure out why this is happening, i have no idea if its caused by my Internet provider (when googling i found something about cloudflare blocking providers), or if its something to do with my IP, or something, im completely out of ideas and honestly desperate, since it basically makes internet surfing a nightmare, only websites that i had no issues with are facebook and all the google run ones… Those that do not load either show a message “Not authorized call” or dont load at all. Getting the Just a moment cloudflare message every time even tho the website wont open even after filling the captcha is infuriating to say the least…

Have a look at Community Tip - Best Practices For Captcha Challenges

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