Can't connect to

This is my result can somebody help me


You seem to be able to connect according to that output. What exactly is the issue?


in “debug information” it is said that i’m not connected to how to get my pc connected?


Because you havent configure it. has all the details.


already done that but still


should I restart the pc first?


Maybe try that. If it still does not work post screenshots of your settings.


still not working


What does nslookup on the command line return? Can you also post an updated link of your


It still appears to use your ISP’s nameservers. Did you already try a reboot? Maybe check once more the settings are all place and properly confirmed with OK and the dialog windows are closed.


I already reeboted my pc but it is still the same, i don’t know what’s blocking it, I even open control panel again to verify that the setting is applied but still no luck


it is working on my phone via app but not on pc


do you know how the android app works I might need to replicate the way it works on pc to connect to


i’ve figured out how to connect my pc to apparently i have to force DoH, but so far i only able to do it on firefox, so that’s the only brower i can use, i neep help to connect my entire pc to

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