Can't connect to but tracert is connected

Hi all, sorry for bothering you as I’m a bit bind with setting the to my PC. I’ve tried to set up and to my PC and router but I still can’t connect to

Here’s my result on the DNS Checker tool:

I also tried to tracert and and both connected so my ISP should not be blocking it.

Can anybody help me to find what is wrong with my set up?
Thanks in advance

What does nslookup return?

Hi Sandro, thanks for the quick reply. I tried tracert but it’s not working, is there additional command for that.

Here’s my tracert result for without

Sorry, my bad. That shouldnt have been tracert but nslookup instead.

ow, here’s the result

So you can connect.

is that connected? Is there a difference between PC and mobile setting?
Since reddit is blocked in my country so I set up to access it. From my PC I’m unable to connect to the web with connection time out.But from my mobile, I can access reddit with ease with the app.

That’s why I thought there’s something wrong with my PC set up.

Well, you got a proper response. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings?

Sure, here’s my router setting. I’m using D-Link router

Here’s my PC setting

You configured it in your router, however that wont be applicable to your computer as you have also configured manually there and not the router.

What is the output of nslookup

Here’s the result

So your default nameserver is Cloudflare.

so do I just remove my PC setting since I’ve set it up for the router?

Shouldnt matter, but your computer should use your router as resolver. Thats something you need to verify.

For your issue, the likely reason you can access Reddit on mobile and not on desktop is because your ISP/gov’t/etc is intercepting DNS record and changing the response. When you use the 1^4 mobile app, it uses DNS over HTTPS so that nobody can intercept or change the connection. On desktop, it sends requests unencrypted to the 1^4 resolver. You can set up a Windows DoH client which can encrypt your DNS requests and likely unblock reddit on desktop as well.

yup, thanks. I’ve just change the setting in my Firefox browser to turn on the DNS over HTTPS and it working flawlessly now.

Thanks Sandro and Judge for the help.

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