Can't connect Shopify to Subdomain


I contacted a shopify guru and they had no clue… I also can’t get it to work right does anyone know how to connect a subdomain with shopify?

This is what i currently have
CNAME -> marketplace -> is an alias of “
A -> -> points to [IP Removed by mod]

I’m seriously about to paypal someone $100 this is becoming BEYOND frustrating.


Hey before I look about shopify you should edit your post to redact your origin IP! :satellite: :zipper_mouth_face:

I did find this article, have you seen it?


Yeah that doesn’t work… I don’t have SSL available and i keep getting redirects.


DNS should be something like:

A -> -> origin IP
CNAME -> marketplace -> is an alias of

I checked the subdomain you listed and it appears to be working now…?


Yeah but the SSL isnt picking up so nobody can buy.


Ah so i got it working but there is still some weird redirect stuff going on. You have to go directly to


Oh I see. Have you “activated SSL on shopify” for your site? On the Cloudflare crypto tab you need to change your SSL mode to ‘Full (strict)’ if you have, or ‘Full’ if you haven’t.


Got it! Thats what i just found out :slight_smile:


Yep, I see :lock: now



Thanks a ton for helping me troubleshoot!


Sure no problem, that is why the community is here :smiley:



that is why the community is here

This thread makes me so happy.

Kudos to @andy and thanks to @joshbedo for your patience.