Cant connect my github and show notif error API REQUEST FAILED on Worker and pages on dash.cloudflare

I just show on youtube about create web page using github and cloudflare.
So I try to follow it but there something not same when I go access to workers and page > create apllication > pages > connect to github. and it show up like this.

API Request failed 503.
and I try to press the button one again
it show up 404 page on github that image said “This is not the web page you are looking for”
I can’t see the page “install & authorize cloudflare pages”

FYI, I already create my github account and repository.
but I stuck in here. can any body tell me what happen?


I have the same issue


This is resolved now, we apologise for the issues, it was a large-scale problem :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback, the error not showing now but it really done?
cause I try to click “Connect github” and login to my github account.
that show 404 page not found