Can't connect locally to the resources behind Zero Trust

Since this afternoon I cannot connect to my local resources behind Zero Trust.
Nothing has changed from my end, I can connect from outside my network and the tunnel is running the last version.

Any clues on what could be happening and how to fix it?

Alright, it seems like there is a general outage caused by spanish provider Telefonica / Movistar blocking free Cloudflare IPs

Hi Manuel, you are probably correct here. When your domain is proxied by Cloudflare, it is assigned an IP address from a shared pool in the Cloudflare network. As discussed in more detail here, a government or ISP’s decision to block one of those IP addresses is likely to have unintended and disproportionate effects on non-targeted sites. Those disproportionate effects are typically inconsistent with legal requirements. If you believe your site to be unintentionally blocked by an ISP, we would recommend that you reach out directly to the ISP of the affected users to ensure they are aware of the collateral consequences of the block so that it can be addressed. Please continue to report any incidents to Cloudflare as well, as we are working on initiatives to bring attention to and help address incidents of overblocking.