Can't connect Home Assistant any more

Hello to everyone, I use Cloudflare as tunnel in Home Assistant. Some days ago, home assistant does’t connect any more, and i don’t know why. What i have to do?

You will need to review the troubleshooting steps for managing Cloudflare tunnel and review the logs from Cloudflare tunnel to determine how to get it working and what the actual error might be.

Thank you can you explain e, where i can check it?

Well first you’ll want to acquire a new domain. The .cf domain was managed by Freenom and they are no longer providing services for the free TLDs they supported.

Then you’ll likely want to go through the process of setting up a tunnel from scratch with a new domain and documenting the configuration.

ok, so I’have to create a new domain? Yes my domain is .cf, so if it doesn’t work any more i need a new one and creare a tunnel, right?