Can't connect domain to Google Sites page

I use Cloudflare to manage my domain, and am trying to link it to my Google Sites website. I successfully verified domain ownership with google(TXT record), but for some reason I can’t point it through the CNAME record. I just get the classic “Hmmm… can’t reach this page” response.

One thing I noticed is that google wants a CNAME record pointed towards
ghs . googlehosted . com. (WITH the period at the end), but Cloudflare removes the dot. That is honestly the only issue I can think of. I had been using Porkbun’s tools without any problems, and the issue only started when I switched to Cloudflare.

If anyone has had this issue in the past or can think of a solution, please let me know. Thanks!


Hi Elliot,

I have a similar configuration with the Google Sites, and it’s working:

Please, check if you have the A record also at Cloudflare for the root domain.

Take Care!

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by an A record. What IP should I point it to? Thanks for the quick response!


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