Can't connect Cloudflare plugin

Same thing with me and checked credentials and don’t have command line access like the one guy keeps suggesting in all of the posts about this issue.

No extra spaces for me and even changed my Global API and don’t have command line access. http, not https & SSL off on Cloudflare as well as in Development Mode. Can’t get this to work with my Wordpress.

Red bar across the bottom of the CloudFlare WordPress plugin stating “Email Address or API Key Invalid.”

Yes, but my WordPress plugin version only has 2 fields… email address and API Key. I also made sure there were no spaces before or after my entries.

My last two suggestions are:

  1. Manually type in the email address. Cut and paste sometimes adds invisible characters.
  2. At Cloudflare, “Change” your Global API key, and try again.

And one last question: You configured your domain at Cloudflare, and not at your web host?

Thanks for your help. I was trying to install the plugin on my subdomain WordPress, which was the problem. It installed fine on the main domain.

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