Can't connect Cloudflare-hosted Godaddy-domain to Squarespace

I have a domain that I bought via Godaddy. I wanted to have a custom email domain that I could both receive and send with (preferably for free) and followed a tutorial on how to set it up with Gmail and Cloudflare via email routing. As a result, the DNS records are currently managed by Cloudflare.

Now, I am trying to connect my domain to Squarespace, but their tutorial includes changing the Godaddy nameservers to Squarespace nameservers. But as I mentioned, the nameservers/DNS records are managed by Cloudflare, and I do not think you can change the Cloudflare nameservers without messing with the custom domain Gmail function…?

Excuse my English, I am not a native speaker. Also, I barely understand what I am doing (I pretty much just follow the tutorials) so anyone who can explain a solution to me in simpler terms is my personal hero.

Try Zoho.

I already got the mail working with Gmail/Cloudflare, that’s not the issue. The issue is to connect the Godaddy registered domain to Squarespace. I wonder if it’s possible to follow this Squarespace general tutorial?

Squarespace general tutorial

I.e. I’ve made a website with Squarespace that I am now trying to connect my Godaddy domain to, but the Squarespace tutorial included changing the nameservers which I cannot do due to my Cloudflare/Gmail/Godaddy solution.

Hence why I suggested moving the email to Zoho.

Oh, sorry about that. Is that the only option? Or is it possible to use the Squarespace tutorial I posted? As I said, I barely/don’t understand what I am doing so I cannot understand if it is possible or not.

And believe me, I’ve tried to make sense of it, but my last option is to follow the tutorial and then realize it doesn’t work after hours of trying.


I’m trying to make this easier for you.

If you set up email on Zoho (Google Workspace, Outlook, or any of the numerous other providers that exist) it means that as long as MX records are configured, it doesn’t matter what nameservers you use or where the website or other services are hosted—the email will still work.

Thus you could follow the Squarespace configuration you have linked to already.

Alternatively look through Using Cloudflare with Squarespace – Squarespace Help Center and see if that helps.

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Thanks a lot for your input, I appreciate it!

It works really well with the current email setup, and I’ve read about some negative experiences with Zoho email on Reddit before I settled on the gmail/Cloudflare setup. I haven’t looked further into it, so I understand that I might have a false impression.

I followed all of the steps (the link you and I posted) and the connection failed - I talked to Squarespace’s support and that person confirmed that I had followed the steps correctly based on the screenshots I sent.

I will try to move the domain to Cloudflare and see if it wants to connect to Squarespace after this.
I will post the results here.

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