Can't Configure DNS to point to webpages

I accidentally deleted the DNS records in the cloudfare following a youtube tutorial and now, since the domain nameserver is already set to cloudfare, cloudfare can’t retrieve dns records from my previous nameserver. With this I am able to point my homepage to the IP of the server but all the other pages gives 404 error.
Please help me out to fiz this dns issue.

You should see those DNS changes from the Audit Log at the top of
Including the old DNS record data.

If that doesn’t work, Cloudflare DNS is just a copy of all the DNS records at your host.

I started adding the dns zones from the host and homepage is working but the other pages aren’t reflecting to the IP.
can you take a look at

That domain isn’t using Cloudflare DNS.

I am seeing cloudfare as dns in both and other dns lookup sites.

The two name servers shown in the WHOIS don’t seem to think they’re authoritative for your domain. How long ago did you add your domain to Cloudflare?

@sandro is really good at tracking this down. Maybe he can figure out what went wrong with NS and SOA.

The name server ns1.supercp was a previous nameserver for this domain.
Afterwards I changed the nameserver to a2 hosting and then changed the nameserver to cloudflare today about 12hrs ago.

Who here summoned me?

The nameservers are in place, so there shouldn’t be an issue and the original question got answered via the audit log suggestion :man_shrugging:t2:

Name server propagation can take up to 48 hours.

Will these dns records work if the propagation is completed?

The ‘mail’ record needs to be set to :grey: DNS-Only.

are otther records good?

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