Cant click captcha checkbox in webview browser with a remote

Cant click captcha checkbox in webview browser when using remote (d-pad). Works fine with mouse, trackpad, and keyboard.

affected device: Mi stick 4k
affected OS: android TV OS 11, but probably all versions are affected
affected browsers: webview on android TV ( other browsers work fine: BrowseHere and OpenTV browser )
affected app: NordVPN on android TV ( custom webview app which opens captcha code is also affected )
affected page: Custom CF challenge page that is replacing ::CAPTCHA_BOX:: with a captcha

how to reproduce:

  1. install nordvpn app on android TV
  2. press Log in
  3. press Log in manually
  4. enter random email [email protected] and press continue
  5. enter wrong password 3-5 times
  6. page with captcha will be opened
  7. try to check the checkbox with a remote. It shows the outline but it doesnt work when you click it.

possible fix:
I’ve extracted code from captcha iframe and tested it on android tv webview browser. Removing cursor:pointer; style which comes from .ctp-checkbox-container class fixes the problem.

Due to my curiosity, may I ask if it’s your Android application which uses webview, or someone else’s? :thinking:

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