Can't clear cache/purge



Hi Every one.
Mysite: current using Cloudflair for 6 month.
Some days ago, I cannot purge everything or custom page.
Have any one can help?


It looks like you’re running Drupal with caching and using Railgun.

What’s the URL of the resource you’re trying to purge? Did you try purging from Drupal first?


Thank you very much for your quick reply.
Your’re right, mysite build from Drupal.
cloudflare works really well on my site until yesterday. I published content but It can’t display because of cloudflare cache.
I clear my Drupal cache many times.
This resource for example.[0]=phan_loai:17&f[1]=phan_loai:18&f[2]=phan_loai:19&taxonomy_term=4&f[99]=subdivision:VIC
Normally, I can purge a custom page or purge every thing, published content will be showed.
Cheers Henry.


From that URL, I do see a Cloudflare cache HIT, but Drupal and Proxy Miss.

It sounds like you tried a Purge Everything, correct?

This would be similar to setting Cloudflare to Development Mode (from the Overview page in Dashboard).

If you’ve done all that, then you would have to see what’s going on at your server. Some servers have NGINX caching as well. Judging from the x-proxy-cache header, this may be a possibility.

Having so much caching is unnecessary. Find out where that x-proxy-cache header comes from.


Thank you.

I’ve try to purge everything as I thought It will clear everything cached in Cloudflare, but it’s not.
Could you please check this URL:

There is no ‘x-proxy-cache’ any more, but It is still cached by Cloudflare.
Cheers Henry.


Thanks sdayman
I think I found the issue. It is in my system, that’s not Cloudflare.
Thank you very much for your help.