Can't choose a plan for zero trust

I’m trying to set access rules on my domain, to restrict access to the sites. This takes me to something called “ZeroTrust” and says I must choose a plan. But it won’t let me choose a plan. Can someone in the community advise how to get past this?

What’s the exact issue that you’re having in the dashboard - does clicking on a given plan not work at all?

No plan is chosen. There’s a Choose a Plan button. I click on it and it takes me to a page that says no plan is chosen. At no point does it give me a list of plans to choose from.

Are you the superadmin of the account?

That was the problem, thanks! I was formerly the superadmin, but the role was transitioned. It would be nice if the interface explained why I wasn’t seeing the option.

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I am in complete agreement with that, you are correct. And, I appreciate the confirmation. Thank you.

Thank you for your helpful response. Confusing the issue, somehow I was enabled to use the non-super account to establish an access rule for my custom domain, but not on the pages site. But it makes sense now that superadmin would be required to sign up for zero trust, which seems to be a requirement for the use of access on a domain, as opposed to making use of the access feature on a custom domain.

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