Can't change provider for 2FA while my organization has 2FA mandated

I have 2FA enabled on my account and I am trying the change the provider from Authenticator to Authy.
To do so, it suggests that I disable two factor auth and reauthenticate using the new app.
However, since my organization has 2FA enabled, it doesn’t let me do so.

Our administrator also lost his access token so he no longer has access to his account until he jumps through a bunch of hoops so there’s no one who can disable 2FA temporarily.

It seems wierd that I can’t change over the 2FA especially since I need to change my phone and google authenticator doesn’t play nicely across devices.

How exactly am I supposed to change 2 factor authenticator

You need to disable it before you can change anything.

If there’s no admin with proper permissions you can only regain access via the trust and safety team. Open a Ticket from the help section in your dashboard or even better: your admins should send an email from the Mail account that ist used to access the Cloudflare dashboard. support((at))

Brace yourself to answer a lot of questions.

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As @MarkMeyer already pointed out your only option will be that your administrator is jumping through these hoops.

Agreed, but thats how it is right now. Feature request -> @cloonan

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Okay. This is also a bit of a security issue since to change 1 persons 2FA app, you’d need to disable the whole organizations’ 2FA. I imagine this can be a huge issue in organizations with 100’s of users.

It is not a security issue. It is an inconvenience.

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