Can't change NS record

Our NS record (DNS managed by Cloudflare) for the main domain doesn’t match the nameserver set with the domain registrar (not Cloudflare, but the nameserver is set to the Cloudflare ones).

When I try to change the NS record to match the nameservers set at the registrar, I get an error message from cloudflare:

Content for NS record is invalid. NS records at the apex must not overwrite assigned nameservers. (Code: 9221)

This is what I’m trying to set:

Not sure if that entry is actually needed with Cloudflare at all, but at the moment it contains the wrong (old) nameserver that was set during migration.

You need configure the nameservers with your registrar, not Cloudflare.

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I know that, they are. I’ve always had additional NS records in DNS, is that not needed at all?

Which domain is it? And no, NS entries for your domain are never configured at Cloudflare.

Thanks! Our old DNS server generated these records for each new domain and they were migrated to Cloudflare.
I removed the NS entry > 6 hours ago and everything still works, so removing it was the best solution it seems.

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