Can't change nameservers of my paid domain? (fix for!)

I tried using CF as the CDN for my incipient blog. But in the middle of debugging speed problems, I found that actually the site was reported faster by multiple measuring services when CF was “paused”. So it’s been paused for a few weeks now, and the speed tests seem stable.

Still, I liked CF’s stance and services, so I migrated my domain registration to CF. Great price too, of course.

Now I have the chance to use the CDN offered by my new hosting provider. For this, I have to change my nameservers… but turns out that I can’t change CF’s nameservers because I have the free CDN plan? And that to use custom nameservers I have to pay a monthly Business subscription??

In summary: I am paying for my domain with CF - but have to pay way extra to be able to change the nameservers?? That’s very silly, and a great way to burn the goodwill that CF had earned!

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Good news for those in this situation: has a CF integration mode where they take care of changing the DNS records without changing the nameservers. A bit of jumping through hoops, but it worked.

Thanks to, and booooh to Cloudflare. I’m hoping this just something that got overlooked and that will be corrected soon, or I’ll be moving my registration.

I migrated to CF because it looked much more upstanding than my previous registrar. So this is very disappointing.

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The lesson here is to pay attention to what you pay for: the notice was clearly displayed to you when you were purchasing/transferring your domain that you cannot change the nameservers of a Cloudflare Registered domain. But you chose to ignore that :smiley:

But more importantly, not being able to change nameservers should be no big deal and you’re making a fuss about nothing. All you have to do is point the appropriate DNS records to whichever 3rd-party service you want to use, as directed you to. This is how the entire internet works, and how you can have a domain with one provider but use services from multiple 3rd-party providers. This is standard MO.

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You’re right, I guess I didn’t pay enough attention when choosing Cloudflare. I shouldn’t have trusted it so much! I thought they wouldn’t be the kind that show the easy part for cheap and hide the rest at $20/month. Yet another case of “price too good to be true”, right? Silly me.

And yeah, it wasn’t a big deal at all because fixed the problem from their end. I guess that’s a pointer to who I should trust next.

And there you’re totally wrong.

Even users on the $250/month Business plan cannot change nameservers for their Cloudflare Registrar domains :smiley:, so you can be sure $20/month will do no good here.

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Oh, so then CF also has a misleading GUI?

Good Lord.

No, nothing is misleading here. You simply don’t understand what that means – though I have the feeling you’re never going to admit it :smiley:

This is a rebranding of the Cloudflare nameservers (aka vanity nameservers). These “custom nameservers” will merely resolve to Cloudflare’s DNS infrastructure.

That’s different from using a 3rd-party nameserver leading to that 3rd-party’s infrastructure.

You find the same thing with any traditional “Reseller Hosting” provider that promises “custom/vanity” nameservers. Yes, these nameservers will be branded for your domain to be used by your customers, but your vanity nameserver addresses will merely resolve to the service provider’s DNS server IP addresses.

Here’s the complete PUBLIC documentation of the feature:

Don’t get me wrong: I’m no Cloudflare apologist. There are many things I wish they did differently than they do now.

But you can hardly call something “misleading” or a scam (as others do) when the feature or perceived limitation is clearly and publicly documented. Cloudflare may be different from other providers you may be used to, and your expectations may not have been met. But it’s hardly a crime to be different.

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