Can't change nameservers, need to switch to Ezoic NS, domain transferred to Cloudflare Registrar

Ezoic’s automatic Cloudflare integration is not working because I cannot change nameservers.

Cloudflare wants $200 a month for a business plan so I can apparently change NS, I must be misunderstanding this.

Additionally this domain was transferred to Cloudflare’s domain registrar service.

How can I change my nameservers?

That’s not what that option is for. The Custom Nameservers option is simply to setup vanity nameservers on your account, not to change to an external NS. As your domain is with Cloudflare Registrar, you won’t be able to change to external nameservers and will need to use Cloudflare’s.

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Thank for your response, I guess I misunderstood that part. Other registrars let you change name servers but Cloudflare is different? What if I just want to use their registrar and not the CDN service?

It is explicitly not permitted to use other DNS. See section 6.1.

You can disable the CDN by switching DNS records from :orange: (Proxied) to :grey: (DNS Only).


Thanks for pointing that out , I guess that’s why the domain rates are rock bottom, you get locked into Cloudflare. Not a bad combination though, Cloudflare is awesome. Ezoic was able to integrate my site after all, just a little more configuration required. Thanks for your help everyone.

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