Can't Change Nameservers due to Google Workspace

Just signed up for Cloudflare and it has requested I change my nameservers, however when I go to the GoDaddy interface I use it says it is unable to:

You can’t modify these default NS records when using Google Workspace nameservers. You can change your nameserver settings below, or add custom NS records for subdomains using a separate DNS service.

Is there a way around this?

Changing some NS records within the DNS settings on your current DNS provider won’t be the same as changing the actual actual delegation of name servers for your domain.

Based on your quote, it sounds like you should lean towards the middle of that sentence, in order to re-delegate the domain towards Cloudflare, e.g. the part about “You can change your nameserver settings below”.

Can you share a screenshot of what you see below that, and perhaps your domain?

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