Cant change my servernames in Siteground

My domain is parked in Siteground under another domain. Should I unpark it? Because I can´t find the servernames to change at this moment to point to Cloudflare

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Never used Siteground, but unparking the domain is usually needed to change the nameservers. However, I found this information online:

Hope it helps!

Thank you for the advice, I thought the same, to unpark to be able to change the servers.
The thing was, I needed to park the domain to be able to change the DNS for working with ClickFunnels. But there I got stuck with them and they said to use Cloudflare and as soon I entered Cloudflare I got the nameserver issue hehehehe

I recommend checking your domains from your Client Area > Services > Domains section. If you see the parked domain listed there marked with “Registered with SiteGround”, click the “Manage” button, and you’ll see the name servers update section.
(You do not need to unpark a domain name to be able to edit its name servers - at SiteGround, these two actions are performed through different interfaces. Although changing the name servers to any other name servers will affect the parked domain functionality.)

If the domain is marked with “External domain” though, this means your parked domain is registered via a different registrar through which you can apply the change. You can find which one via any whois lookup tool. This will show you from where you can update the name servers.