Cant change my namerservers to provided ones

Hello, im trying to change my namerservers on my hosting provider.
But when i insert the in my hosting provider it automatically changes it to:

How can i fix this? Its like somehow, stuck on old settings or something.


Probably a similar issue as Added CloudFlare Nameservers to registar but they change and domain stops working

Whats the domain?

Hello Sandro.

Domain is:

Maybe my site is connected with another Cloudflare account. But i dont have access to this anymore. What should i do now ?

Which nameservers does it mention in your account? jocelyn and?

duke and isla are the ones which Cloudflare has currently assigned and are likely from another account. Do you have access to that account? If you cant use that account you will need to tell your registrar to set the new ones forcibly.


Hello Sandro.

I contacted my registrar. They told me that the issue is at “Cloudflare”. Its something with these nameservers.
In my account right now it says “Jocelyn and tim”

When i try to insert these in my registrar, it automatically changes them to

They are NOT able to change what you asked. Cloudflare should fix this


And that is not correct. They simply need to follow through with your request to have the nameservers changed. That is completely independent of Cloudflare.

This is the precise problem. The problem is at their end not Cloudflare’s.

If your registrar refuses to act on your request you could only contact Cloudflare’s support and maybe they could do something but there is no guarantee.

Please check this out Sandro

Please fix the issues with red, and let me know when this is done.

Then I will be able to change to the correct nameservers.

have a nice day.

Sorry, but for the third time, this is nothing Cloudflare has to fix but your registrar needs to fix that. Simply assign the nameservers you were given and the domain should verify.

If your registrar refuses, you need to do what I mentioned in my ealier response.

:wave: yunus,

You should contact Cloudflare support. They will be the only ones who can assist with the issue.


Thank you OliverGrant.

I think Sandro, did not understand the issue here. (I think he did not open the link i provided)
I just called registrar for the 4th time. And they say again its Cloudflare who should fix this.

So confusing really.


I will contact Cloudflare.

I did and I am not going to repeat myself for the fourth time now :wink:

:wave: @sandro

The idea that the registrar should rewrite their NS modification software to suck less, while technically accurate isn’t particularly realistic or helpful to the user in question is it?


Where do i contact Cloudflare support. I cant find it

The issue lies with the registrar or registry here. How particularly realistic it is that they fix their issues is something I cannot say but I dont think we should rule it out either.

As for helpful, I suggested to contact support three hours ago, respectively four days ago, assuming the OP has read the linked thread :wink:

:wave: yunus,

login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.


Thank you very much

If this is the same issue that recently hit us, it has to to with both Cloudflare, the registrar and probably the domain management tool you are using, and Cloudflare in particular keeps you completely in the dark about the impending doom.

This affects only specific top level domains like .de, where the registrar actually checks the nameservers specified by a certain zone before allowing you to change them. If the nameservers supplied by Cloudflare to the registrar’s query differ from the ones Cloudflare tells you to change them to, some domain management tools using the registrar’s robot may automatically change the nameservers you supply to the ones they deem correct according to the query to Cloudflare.

In our case we’re taking over the hosting and maintenance of a domain that was being maintained by an external contractor for several years. What we didn’t know and what our contractor forgot to tell us and even forgot themselves was that some five or six years ago they had temporarily configured this domain in their Cloudflare account. They switched back to their nameservers soon after for some reason or other and not only completely forgot about Cloudflare, but actually lost the 2FA-device used for their Cloudflare account at some time during these five or six years.

So noone actually was aware of this previous registration when we tried to move the DNS of that domain over to our Cloudflare account earlier this week. We set up the DNS configuration exactly as specified in their zone file and Cloudflare requested that we now change the nameservers to eva and jay. So I logged in to the domain management tool supplied by our provider, set eva as primary - but as soon as I entered it, the two nameservers were changed to sam and vera. Irritated by this I changed the form back to what I entered and submitted the form, which didn’t yield any error.

Checking back a couple of hours later, the update was still not visible at the, the central domain registry of the .de-TLD. So I got on the phone with our provider and they told me that there actually was an error for the update, which is not displayed in that web interface that is provided to their customers:

Nameserver error [ERROR: 118 Inconsistent set of NS RRs (IP, NS host names) (, [,])]

In order to resolve this, they then simply accessed the domain management tool and entered as primary just as I did, but accepted the following change to sam and vera and submitted the form. The update went through and all of the hosts on our domain became inaccessible for several hours. So this is what I call a catastrophe.

We only noticed some two hours after that update, as the SOA TTL will make sure that Murphy can wreak maximum havoc. I changed the nameservers back to the original nameservers, but again, SOA TTL - we were widely down for about ten hours.

So I contacted Cloudflare support and they then told me that there was actually a previous registration of that same domain in another Cloudflare account. They couldn’t tell me even the domain part of the e-mail address this was registered under for privacy reasons, but they at least provided us with a TXT record to add to the DNS of that domain, so they could verify ownership and drop the old config from that abandoned account.

What I find disturbing here that there is no indication whatsoever about any such previous registration of a domain in another account. There should at least be some warning that one actually should NOT attempt the nameserver change before dealing with this previous account. In case of TLDs where the registrar actually checks for the nameservers supplied with Cloudflare, this should be a neon red warning to not proceed with the nameserver change under any circumstances at all lest all ■■■■ break loose. In cases where the registrar does not check and simply accepts your update request, you won’t be affected by this problem at all.

So if your registrar changes the nameservers supplied by Cloudflare to some other nameservers, DO NOT PROCEED. Try to find out which previous account holds a configuration for that zone and delete this before moving on. If you have not access to that account, contact Cloudflare support, they will supply a TXT record for you to add to your DNS for verification and remove that zone for you. Only proceed with the nameserver change if your registrar accepts the nameservers supplied without any change.

I hope that this explains the general situation sufficiently and may save somebody else from that headache.

Kind regards


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