Can't change domain NS

I want to do something super simple, change the name servers and I can’t seem to figure out how!
My domain is registered with cloudflare but I want to host the name server at another place. I click on DNS and it shows me my NS records but no edit. It shows me I need to upgrade to Business???

I figured I have to remove the domain from my websites… I tried to delete but then I got an error that since my domain is registered with cloudflare I can’t delete it and I have to contact support. The last time I contacted support it took them 2 weeks to respond…

Please help!

If Cloudflare is the registrar for the domain you can’t change the nameservers. You will need to transfer the domain out to another registrar to do so.

The upgrade to business is to create vanity nameservers, that is, nameservers using your domain but still with Cloudflare nameservers doing the work.

Are you serious??? It’s a basic feature to change name servers. Wow, what a bad service. So then I think it’s good bye cloudflare… I will move all my 10 domains out because cloudflare sucks

Cloudflare sells domains at cost as a benefit to its customers, it is not a registrar out to make money from registrations. If you are not using Cloudflare nameservers, you aren’t using Cloudflare services so there’s no use to you, or Cloudflare, for you to register your domain with them.


Really, this explanation makes no sense unless you work at cloudflare.

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