Can't change DNS proxy status


A few days ago, during trouble shoot, I changed the proxy status for my A records to ‘DNS only’.

When I later went back to switch the status back to ‘proxy’, one of the A records was stuck on ‘DNS only’. Please view attached image below.

As you can see, in the edit window there is no cloud, so I am unable to change the proxy status.

I’m a complete newbie working with Cloudflare, so I don’t really understand the function of this A record. The record was part of the factory settings and I haven’t done any (conscious) edit to it other than changing the proxy status.

Thank you in advance for any help,


That is a wildcard record. Wildcard records can only be proxied on Enterprise plans.

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Okay, thanks!

So I guess my memory must have failed me then, and it was greyed out all the time. Can’t really understand why the free plan would have this as a default setting, the warning text looks pretty ominous to us newbies.

Can I just delete it then, or does it serve a purpose set to DNS only?

There was a glitch a few months ago where one could enable it on non-Enterprise plans too.

If you don’t need a wildcard record, simply remove it.

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