Can't cancel Workers plan

I can’t downgrade my Cloudflare Workers plan.

When I go to /billing/subscriptions I see “Cloudflare Workers Paid
ENDING ON Feb 14, 2023”. But last month it said it would end in January but it didn’t.

When I go to /workers/plans and click “Downgrade Plan” I just get redirected to the page above.

Note that I don’t have any Workers/Worker Routes set up anywhere.

How do I cancel?

FYI I’ve started a conversation on Downgrade Cloudflare Workers plan to Free - #7 by tools16 - which describes the same problem I’m having

Looks to me like it already is canceled but if it’s not actually canceling the plan you are going to have to create a ticket. Nothing any of us here can really do to fix that.

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I have the exact same problem!

Mine even says “ENDING ON”, but it said that in January and it didn’t end…

Hey @tools16 are you a Super Administrator on the account and are you able to change plan on ?

@erisa-cf I’m the only user on the account and the Super Administrator. When I visit the link you posted, I click “Downgrade plan”, I get redirected here:

From here I can’t do anything. The plan says it will end on Feb 14, but last month it said it would end on Jan 14 and still charged me.

That’s not ideal… are you able to make a Billing support ticket on ?


I have filed support ticket #2673936 16 days ago without getting any response. That’s why I’m here now :frowning:

We have responded in the Billing Support Ticket.

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