Can't call Cloudflare Calls api's


I’m trying to use the Cloudflare Calls Api to create an application.

I have created token, giving it read and edit permissions to Account Cloudflare Calls and am trying to call the api from postman.

I have verified the token, which says it is active.

But when using to call any of the apis defined in the docs under Calls Apps I get an error

“result”: null,
“success”: false,
“errors”: [
“code”: 10002,
“message”: “Authorization Failure: The authentication credentials are not authorized to perform the request. Verify the credentials and try again.”
“messages”: null

I’m just trying to use the beta and don’t have a paid account. Assuming I don’t need that.

Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Assuming you’re trying to make API requests to the Calls connection API here:

You need to use an application id and token which can be created in the dashboard here:

Please let me know though if my assumption about which API endpoint you’re making requests to is incorrect.