Can't bypass cache

Hey! I’m trying to bypass wp-cron.php on my wordpress, even if I have activated Cache everything to cache the other pages.

Here are my rules:

Even with this (and purging the cache, and waiting for a few days), when hitting wp-cron.php I get this:

Not sure why this is not working, I thought the rule the with highest priority would define the cache level.

Try adding an asterisk to your page rule.

Ah!! Much better. Can I do a global rule on .php files? Like*.php*?

That should probably work. But that will cache all the HTML output from them too. Is that desired?

You mean it would bypass no? I would like to have a rule that bypass cache for wp-cron.php and wp-login.php. Globally, PHP files shouldn’t be cached.

Sorry, got confused, thought it was about “cache everything” :blush:.

.php paths are not cached by default anyhow, so no point in bypassing them unless you do have a cache-everything rule, in which case you should be able to exclude them with the rule you posted earlier.

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